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Meet the Team

Avril Scarlett is a Financial Controller at Florida Crystal Corporation, an entrepreneur, founder and executive director of Each One Reach One Foundation.

Avril’s professional development spans several sectors, including, business, finance, training and facilitation, leadership and management, speaking and coaching. She credits being a mother to her daughter as her deepest passion and greatest accomplishment.

For leisure, she volunteers extensively to support her communities in Florida and Jamaica; enjoys reading and swimming and uses her amazing talent in decor and interior designs. She is a wine connoisseur of sorts and a tennis mom.
Since being admitted to the Bar in December, 2017 Jezeel has been making a name for himself with a diverse commercial and corporate law practice in Commercial Department of Myers, Fletcher & Gordon (“MF&G”) with special emphasis on Structured Finance, Energy, Trade, Banking and Securities, Aviation and Shipping & Marine Law.

Jezeel distinguished himself at the Norman Manley Law School where he acted as one of the Chairs of the Corporate and Commercial Law Working Group and was a member of the law school’s winning Lex-Caribbean Client Interview Competition Team. He was also awarded The K.C. Burke Memorial Prize for being the student with the most outstanding performance in the area of Corporate and Commercial Law.

Prior to joining MF&G Jezeel served the Government of Canada in Jamaica in the Immigration, International Trade and Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Services departments. He also taught law at the high school level and privately tutored law at the LLB and LEC levels. Jezeel is fluent in French, and has been recognized by the French Embassy, The Jamaica Association of French Teachers and the Alliance Francaise de la Jamaique, for his contributions to the French diplomatic core in Jamaica.

Jezeel has a passion for travelling, cooking, music and fine arts and is a member of the Liguanea Art Festival’s organizing team, Jamaica’s largest annual art festival.
Damien Marcus Williams is a passionate community development practitioner; author; social enterprise and business development consultant; speaker and preacher who is committed to empowerment of individuals, micro, small and medium medium and entire communities.

His strength is his approach to community development, which is guided by the belief that community members are intelligent enough to assess their problems and come up with solutions to address those problems.

Damien has training in education and literacy, counselling, theology and philosophy and participatory hygiene and sanitation transformation. Damien’s work experience spans education, media, customer service, administration and community development. He brings to Each One Reach One Foundation his experience in project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning and organisationa

Dr. Jermaine McCalpin is an internationally recognized expert and consultant on transitional justice, genocides, reparations and truth commissions. He has travelled to South Africa, Cambodia and Armenia and across the US and Canada presenting on the Armenian genocide, reparations for slavery and Native American genocides. He is currently Chair of the African and African American Studies Program at New Jersey City University. 

Dr. McCalpin was previously Associate Director of the Centre for Caribbean Thought and Lecturer of Transitional Justice in the Department of Government, University of the West Indies, Mona. He attended the distinguished Calabar High School. He received his B.Sc in Political Science and International Relations (First Class Honours)in 1999 and M.Sc (2002) from The University of the West Indies, Mona. Dr. McCalpin later earned his M.A.(2002) and Ph.D. in Political Science in 2006 from Brown University. Dr. McCalpin specializes in Africana political philosophy, Caribbean political thought, and transitional justice.

Dr. McCalpin has a passion for education, social justice and mentoring. He helps to mould the lives of many young men at Calabar,UWI and across Jamaica. He serves as Academic Affairs Coordinator for the Calabar Old Boys’ Association in Jamaica and the Director of Academic Enrichment for the NY Chapter. He is a member of the School Leadership Team at Intermediate School 59 in Queens NY and was recently elected to the Community Education Council of District 29 in New York City. 

He also serves as an associate minister at Plymouth Congregational Church in Brooklyn NY and an itinerant Deacon of Kencot Christian Fellowship in Kingston, Jamaica. He is a frequent contributor to current affairs programmes in Jamaica, the UK, Canada, Armenia and the United States. He is married with one daughter.

Our Story

EORO's Vision
Each One Reach One is the realization of a vision by Executive Director, Avril Scarlett, that "those who help others are doing God's work on earth".

Avril has been helping others all her life and decided in 2015 that it was time to formulate this assistance into a foundation. She had spent many years organizing back to school treats, the provision of school supplies and academic assistance to children from many of the inner-city communities around Kingston, but especially August Town from which she bloomed.

She formally initiated a foundation in 2019 and EORO Foundation Ltd. came into existence. Since inception, Avril and the directors have worked assiduously to fulfill its mission of "promoting empowerment and social partnerships for the development of our communities."
EORO's Creed
EORO lives by the creed that every child, irrespective of their socioeconomic situation and geographic location can thrive with the right assistance.

We at EORO are a team in partnerships with schools, benefactors, families and communities to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to dream and to live their dreams.

Every mickle mek a muckle ( Every little helps to make a greater harvest)!
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