EORO Success Story: Amoy Farquharson

If ever you start feeling like the world is against you or the obstacles in your path are insurmountable, stop and take a moment to reflect. Think on those who have faced even more impossible odds just to achieve something that most of us take for granted: education. The EORO ( Each One Reach One) Foundation has met students from all walks of life who have overcome extraordinary challenges and have emerged with remarkable stories of excellence, courage, determination & humility. Amoy Farquharson epitomizes these qualities.

Amoy Farquharson attended the Kingston High School often thought of as a weak academic performance school in the capital city. She resides in the community of Matthews Lane. Matthews Lane is considered an inner-city community often defined by poverty and the stigma of crime and violence. People who live there have little income. At first glance, the odds stacked against Amoy: from a gritty inner-city community and an underperforming school, would fate her to failure. However, Amoy endured it all. She focused on her dreams and never relented. Her circumstances never stopped her from dreaming big and pursuing her goals. Amoy’s high school teacher realized that she was academically “gifted” and decided to do whatever it took to make her thrive. Amoy knew that education was the best way.

Amoy did exceptionally well in her CSEC exams, but knew that she could not succeed in getting the tertiary education she dreamed of without getting help. Her mother would not be able to finance these dreams even with her best intentions. She talked to one of her teachers who later shared with the founder of EORO Foundation; and on hearing Amoy’s story she decided to help her with a partial scholarship.

Now a First Class Honours graduate of Mico University, Amoy continues to use the lessons of her extraordinary life to help and inspire other students. She volunteers at her church and is eager to assist other students while remaining dedicated to her education. She is a powerful example of the truth that education can open doors of opportunity to our future.

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